My name is Dr. Jennifer L. Imming, and I am a licensed psychologist located in Austin, Texas. I am experienced in treating a variety of problems, including depression, anxiety, couplesí issues, grieving, emotional eating, and life transitions, as well as many others.

I also specialize in psychological assessment, which helps individuals and couples learn more about themselves in an efficient manner. This testing can offer further assistance with answering questions individuals and couples have about themselves, each other, and, if desired, determine a diagnosis as necessary for treatment (e.g. ADHD, Learning Disorders, Depression, Bipolar Disorder and many others). I routinely accept referrals from other therapists who would like to more expediently help their own clients find solutions, get through an impasse in treatment, or foster healing.

As addressed in other sections of my website, I have worked extensively with physicians and psychiatrists for collaborative care of many problems.